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Keep Children Safe on Your Campus

Help ensure that employees and volunteers are equipped to protect the minors in their care with the education-specific online training from United Educators (UE).

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Protecting Children Course Collection

Created for higher education, this collection will help your employees, volunteers, and other adults learn how to recognize, prevent, and report sexual misconduct.

Courses include: 

  • Boundary Training for Educators  – Our latest course is designed to help employees and volunteers learn what boundaries are, identify the different types, recognize how a boundary crossing is different than a boundary violation, and more.
  • Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct – T​​​his course examines concrete ways to recognize, prevent, and report situations of sexual misconduct by educators. Learners will test their own decision-making skills through scenarios based on actual cases of abuse.​​ 
  • Hiring Staff Who Work With Minors – Created for hiring managers, this course will help learners screen applicants, conduct interviews, spot common red flags, and more.
  • Shine a Light – This short video covers the warning signs of sexual abuse by adults, reviews specific locations to keep an eye on, and steps for reporting incidents or suspicions.

*Aggregated across K-12 schools and higher ed institutions.

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What the Data Says*

  • 156% – the reported increase in learners’ ability to determine when and where to report abuse
  • 169% – the reported increase in learners' ability to recognize red flags on resumes and applications
  • 230% – the reported increase in learners' ability to properly screen volunteers working with children

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David Kervella

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Learning & Development, California State University

UE’s online training is definitely one level above a lot of the competition.

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